Saskatoon Berry (not so dry) Wine

Saskatoon Berry (not so dry) Wine




pounds saskatoons



pound raisins



pounds white sugar



gallon water, 160 oz



teaspoons acid blend



teaspoon yeast nutrient



teaspoon pectic enzyme



Campden tablets, crushed



package wine yeast



1. Use only sound ripe fruit.

2. Crush fruit and put all ingredients except wine yeast in primary fermenter.

3. Add hot water and stir to dissolve sugar.

4. Cover with a plastic sheet. When must is cool (70-75°F), add yeast.

5. Stir the must daily for 5-6 days or until specific gravity is 1.040.

6. Strain out fruit pulp and press.

7. Siphon into gallon jugs or carboys and attach fermentation locks.

8. Rack in 3 weeks and again in 3 months.

9. When wine is clear and stable, bottle.

10. Wine may be sweetened to taste at time of bottling with sugar syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water). I think this wine is sweet enough. Add 3 stabilizer tablets to prevent renewed fermentation.


Age 1 year.


This recipe will make 1 gallon of wine but it is preferable to make 5 gallons at one time.


Recipe Notes




Primary - a crock, bowl, bucket, or pail or other food safe vessel, in which the first or primary fermentation takes place.


Secondary - a jug, jar, bottle, demi-john, or carboy in which the secondary fermentation takes place. This vessel typically has a wide body and tapered neck leading up to a small opening which can be sealed with an air lock.


Rack - the process of siphoning the wine off the lees to stabilize it and allow clarification.


Lees - deposits of yeast and other solids formed during fermentation.

Must - crushed fruit, juice, and other ingredients prior to fermentation.