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June 26, 2022

Hello Berry Friends

I have been MIA on this page but I'm Back! The berries are growing and getting a blush. We are hoping it will be a good crop this year even after the very heavy pruning Michael did this year.

Please remember that Covid-19 rules are still in effect and a reminder that we don't provide pails so you will have to bring your own containers, bags, or boxes to pick in. If you pick into something other than a 4 liter ice cream pail, we do have a scale to weigh your berries. For your information a full to the top ice cream pail weighs 5 pounds. The berries will be $10.00 for a 4 liter pail.

Message to Customers


Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 a year later but the rules are the same. We have made it this far and there is light at the end of this pandemic.

Covid-19 has currently changed the way we live and work in Saskatchewan, across the country and around the world. It has impacted the way in which we socialize with our family and friends. With COVID-19 evolving daily, we are continually evaluating what we must do to meet the needs of our customers while also keeping our community safe. If you are feeling unwell or have been travelling please stay at home.

Promoting social Distancing

We are also monitoring the number of customers picking at one time and are asking pickers to practice social distancing, maintaining a space of 6 feet between each other while picking and when paying upon checkout.

Picking Containers

In an effort to limit contact and potential spread of COVID-19, we will not be able to provide picking pails this year. Customers must bring their own picking pails when coming here to pick berries. Here is a link if you would like to make your own picking containers out of plastic milk jugs. Container.html


1. There will be no washroom facilities available this year.

2. No pets allowed in the yard or berry patch. Please leave them at home.

3. There will be no tables and chairs set up in the yard for resting or eating this year.

4. Payment of your berries will be by cash, cheque, or e-transfer. We do not have a debit or credit card machine on the premises. The berries will be $10.00 for 4 litres or  5 pounds.

5. We are unable to provide wet wipes for your hands.

These rules worked very well last year so we will continue them for another year.

If you would like to be on our email list, please send an email to and I will add your name.

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