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Thursday May 16, 2019

The Saskatoon Berries are just starting to bloom. That means that it is just less than 2 months until Berry Season!

 We seem to have two sets of Mallard ducks nesting, one on the island, which should be hatching out soon and one nesting in a small bush right by the sidewalk as you walk to the berries. The male Mallard sits on the grass in the front yard or out by the pond. Michael said there were 3 male Mallards out on the pond early this morning as I was still tucked up in bed. I’m so lazy in the am!

It is getting time to be thinking about planting my pots but I am not going to hurry as they will grow faster when the nights are warm. Lots of Begonias again this year, they really like the east side of the house.

Michael has been working hard pruning all the dead off the spruce and maple trees around the yard. The spruces and maples have grown into each other and are rubbing and in the winter you can see how misshapen they are but when all the maple leaves are out you don’t notice it much. I love the privacy they give us.

Well off to make banana muffins and add another 10 pounds to my waistline! I should add some saskatoons to my mother-in-law’s recipe. I will have to dig in the freezer and see if I have some left. I used the ‘Fried Berries’ recipe a lot this winter. If you haven’t tried it, ignore the name, the only frying is in a tsp of butter (and I bet coconut 🥥 oil would be delicious) it is wonderful taste of summer!

Type to you again soon!

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