Apple and Red or Black Currant Jelly

3 pounds red or black currants

3 pounds apples

2 large lemons

4 cups water

2 pounds sugar

1. Wash the red currants or black currents , drain and add to a large pot.

2. Wash and chop apples and add to pot

3. Pare the lemon rind with a potato peeler and add to pot.

4. Squeeze the lemon juice and add to the pot with the water.

5. Simmer for 30 minutes until pulpy.

6. Spoon into jelly bag and drip overnight.

7. Measure juice and pour into clean pot with 1 pound of sugar to every 2 cups of juice.

8. Heat gently until sugar dissolves. Boil rapidly for 15 minutes and test for set.

9. Seal in sterilized jars.