Frozen Saskatoon Yogurt Pops

Frozen Saskatoon Yogurt Pops





2 1/2" paper or foil baking cups


small lemon


cups plain yogurt


cup white sugar


cups saskatoons


Popsicle sticks



1. Line sixteen 2 1/2" muffin cups with fluted baking cups. Parchment papers liners or foil liners are the best.

2. Grate peel of lemon and squeeze juice.

3. In large bowl, blend lemon juice, peel, sugar, and yogurt until smooth.

4. Stir in saskatoon berries.

5. Spoon mixture into baking cups.

6. Freeze 1 1/2 hours or until almost firm and insert Popsicle stick in center of each pop.

7. Freeze until totally frozen, about 2 hours.

For longer storage cover with plastic wrap.

To serve, peel off liners and let stand at room temperature for 4-6 minutes to soften slightly for slightly easier eating.