Vanilla Pudding & Saskatoon Berries

Vanilla Pudding & Saskatoon Berries





tablespoons cornstarch


pinch salt


cups milk

1 1/2

teaspoons vanilla extract


cup white sugar


whole egg, beaten


cups saskatoon berry filling



1. Heat milk in microwave glass bowl until very hot.

2. Mix cornstarch with a little cold water.

3. Combine cornstarch, beaten egg, sugar, salt and vanilla together and beat until smooth.

4. Slowly add to the hot milk.

5. Cook in the microwave until thick and smooth, taking out and stirring often. Use a whisk to keep smooth.

6. Cool and put saskatoon berry filling or fresh berries on top.


Note: Can be eaten plain with cream or with any fruit or used as a filling for a cream pie or for a vanilla flapper pie with a graham crust.


Recipe Notes

Homemade Vanilla pudding submitted by Lil M.